Our cost-effective education services for SMBs include:

Customized training including :

    • Employee skills development

    • Operations

    • Office technology

Employee certification including:

    • Scrum

    • Six Sigma

    • ITIL

Importance of Education & Training

Large corporation invest millions of dollars annually to define learning needs, design, develop, deliver and manage learning programs tailored to their strategic objectives and employees' needs.

Having consistent, high quality education and training programs available to all 
employees help organizations achieve:

    - Increased  Productivity (Value)

     - Operating  Efficiency (Cost Savings)

TSI  Education  offers a variety of cost effective Learning Management Services that help keep small and medium sized businesses (SMB) running as effectively and efficiently as the large corporations.

Businesses can select our complete Learning Management Services package or select services a la carte. No matter which option a business chooses, TSI offers pricing that will meet their budget needs.

Contact us today and let us help you get started on your learning journey!

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Why   TSI Education?

Our experience

Our consultants have experience working with businesses of all sizes, giving us the ability to customize our Learning Management offerings to meet your needs.  Our goal is to design, develop, deliver and track employee skills, process, and systems training, to ensure current and new employees become more productive quickly.

Eliminate  obstacles  

A well trained staff, regardless of position, helps your business operate more smoothly and efficiently. 

Increase morale a nd productivity 

Employees that receive educational opportunities and hands-on coaching have higher morale and are more productive.